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Saturday, 25 November 2017



My name is Sabine Lanfranchi and I was born in the French part of Switzerland.

Together with Markus, my friend and husband, we have five children, who were born either in hospital or at home: Dylan 1989, Silva 1991, Selina 1993, Rubina 1997 and Lüzza 2004.

A natural lifestyle is very important to us. We have a diversified organic farm. Through the birth of the animals and the sowing of the plants, the natural cycle of life is just part of our life.

Pregnancy and giving birth are fascinating me for the at the time heaven and earth dimension. I first got interested in the doula course 2007 and got trained by

My main wish is that the woman can discover trust in her own body and experience her power to give birth to her child. The woman and her partner get emotional support during this very intensive life stage.


Languages: english, italiano, deutsch, français.


If you wish to know more about a doula birth assistance, please get in touch with me!