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Saturday, 25 November 2017


Although it may sound like an exaggeration, truly, I think of finding Sabine as one of the greatest blessings of my life. With Sabine's support, I changed my relationship to pregnancy and the process of birth. When my husband and I met Sabine, I feared doctors, hospitals, and my own emotional and physical limitations. I was also unclear:I did not know what I wanted or how to make the decisions I would face. During a few simple conversations, Sabine gently provided tools, information, imagery, stories, and techniques that helped me to discover what I wanted and to gradually transform my fear into confidence and clarity. During labor and delivery, Sabine's caring, calm, and practical presence held and sustained us. Sabine reminded me of my own power and showed my husband simple, effective ways to participate in the process of bringing our son into the world. Our son, Samuel was born on July 13, 2010 in exactly the way we had hoped for in our best dreams. Samuel is running and chatting now and I think of Sabine often and how beautiful it is to know someone who does their work so capably and with such love.



Ever since nearly fainting in my high school health class while watching a childbirth video, I had been apprehensive about having a baby.  Sabine helped me change this.  She spoke with me about my fears, desires, and expectations, encouraged me, and instilled confidence in my husband and me.  She helped us put together a birth plan by asking questions that we had not thought about previously.  Sabine shared a video with practical step-by-step ways my husband could help throughout the birth.  She taught me tips to help relax and open up for the birth to progress. 

Because Sabine had taken the time to get to know us by coming to visit us at home many times leading up to the birth, I felt so comfortable having her with us at the hospital.  Having a birth coach who I knew cared helped us feel at peace, especially during difficult or unsure moments. She also helped serve as a translator since she is fluent in both English and Italian (and French and German).  I believe the specific, practical suggestions Sabine gave during the labor and delivery and her calm, confident, loving, non-judgmental spirit greatly impacted how we experienced our son’s birth.