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Saturday, 25 November 2017



A doula, an antic figure in modern times

The word  „doula“ comes from the Greek and means „servant of the woman“. In most cultures through all times, a woman was assisted by other women while she was giving birth: not only midwives, but also parents, friends and birth experienced women, who were able to give physical and emotional support to the labouring woman.

Nowadays the figure of the doula has become rare, but the necessity to help, guide and reassure a birthing woman in the most sensitive way is still present.


Good reasons to have a doula

your doula will meet you in the last three pregnancy months in order to build a personal relationship with you. She will talk to you and your partner and find out what is really important to you during the birth of your child

you will never be left alone during birth: a birth experienced woman and friend will take care of you at any moment, help you, listen to you and encourage you

the doula is also precious for your partner: the man can experience deep emotions during the birth of his child. It can be a relief for him to be reassured and encouraged, so that he can lovingly look after his wife. In this case the doula and the partner build an ideal team to give support to the woman

you have already given birth . You were happy on the moment, everything seemed fine, but later as days or years have passed by, some kind of pain is left. You are pregnant again and you and your partner wish a different birth experience

do you already know now that you will be having a C-section? In this case a doula can also be of support. She will prepare you and your partner to the C-section and explain what you can do to get in touch with your baby as soon as possible

studies have shown that the presence of a doula reduces labouring time, less pain relief and epidural anesthesia is necessary and there are less complications 


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